Urban and Rural Tree Services Ltd is the company to call if you need a specialist arboricultural service.

We are able to carry out any job, ranging from shrub and hedge pruning in small gardens, to major tree work contracts.

We offer a service that will benefit and enhance your trees and garden.

Tree Surgery involves a wide range of services such as:

  • Felling and removal of trees
  • Crown reductions, thinning and pruning
  • Crown lifting and formative pruning
  • Hedge trimming, shaping and reductions
  • Formative pruning and shaping of trees and shrubs
  • Management of veteran trees and wildlife habitats
  • Woodland management and forestry Operations

We specialise in the removal and pruning of trees in tight or awkward locations

Our works are carried out to modern arboriculture standards and the care of trees is our main priority. All work is carried out to nationally recognized standards including BS3998:2010 and The European Tree Pruning Guide. We operate in accordance with all current Health & Safety legislation and we are fully insured.

How do you classify a tree surgeon?

As a tree surgeon we’re part doctor part horticulturalist! Trees are living organisms and, as such, have to be treated in the correct manner – we have to make sure also that we are up to date with all the health and safety regulations since some of our job is spent hanging off trees and handling dangerous equipment such as chainsaws!

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