We offer a delivery service of quality seasoned logs to warm your house this winter.

We are able to carry out any job, ranging from shrub and hedge pruning in small gardens, to major tree work contracts.

We offer a service that will benefit and enhance your trees and garden.

All our logs are seasoned hardwood....

This is purely because hardwood species are generally denser than softwood specie. Dense woods (hardwood) will burn for longer than less dense woods (Softwood), this means you will need fewer ‘top ups’ to keep a log stove burning. If you measure wood by volume you will generally receive more kilowatt hours of heat from a cubic metre (m3) of hardwood than softwood. This means you get more for your money when you buy hardwood.

  • Our delivery load is approximately 1.6 cubic metres.
  • We will deliver for free within an 8 mile radius of Crediton.
  • £95.00 Inc 5% VAT for a full load.
  • £190.00 Inc 5% VAT for a double load.

Why do we only sell seasoned fire wood?

We store all our logs in a barn for at least 12 months before they are sold. This reduces the moisture content of the logs. We guarantee all our firewood to be below 25% moisture content as a minamum.

The moisture content of wood has the greatest effect on the calorific value (burning time and heat produced) of any of the variables. If the wood is not seasoned then the moisture has to evaporate away before the wood will burn; using some of the fuel energy reducing the net energy released as useful heat.

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